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"We’re focused on developing top finance talent."



Queen’s Capital’s mission is to provide a platform that develops the strongest employment candidates by accelerating the education of our members and placing a large emphasis on personal growth. We aim to help students develop a strong foundation for business analysis and valuation and thereby create superior access to career opportunities in global capital markets.

We do so by placing an emphasis on three main pillars: EducationEfficiency, and Engagement.


Queen’s Capital’s key priority is education. We provide undergraduate students with unparalleled learning opportunities through hands-on experience pitching investment ideas. Our goal is to educate both our members and the Queen’s community on capital markets. We achieve these goals through providing our members with a summer training program, having each sector team present t a semester from each industry team, as well as community initiatives to broaden our scope of knowledge sharing.  

Queen’s Capital is a unique finance club at Queen’s because of our team member’s diverse experiences. Our club is purposely comprised of students across all disciplines at Queen’s University in order to learn from one another and avoid groupthink. We believe this strengthens our investment ideas and fosters QCAP’s learning environment.  



In order to achieve our mission, Queen’s Capital places a large emphasis on conducting our affairs with a high degree of efficiency. We provide our analysts with an organized directory of precedent materials that contribute to an efficient process. Additionally, a vast amount of template materials and many rounds of editing equip our analysts with the knowledge and ability to create professional-looking materials. All these resources and processes help to unlock the full potential of each member. 


One of the largest value adds from being a member of Queen’s Capital is the high level of engagement within our club. Our team culture is based on intelligent debate – we believe that competing opinions are sometimes the most innovative idea generators. We are a dynamic group of critical thinkers, whom all have an aligned interest in investing. We maintain and help foster this culture through peer-to-peer mentorship programs. Upper years spend time helping train younger members on conducting investment pitches and technical skills. Career development is also a key focus for our internal mentorship. Through formal initiatives and informal networking, we help educate our members on various career paths within Capital Markets, and prepare them for the hiring process of their interested field.  

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